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                 Portable Power Sprayer
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(J25) Portable Power Sprayer

New design and out of the ordinary
Crank case and gear case are integrated
The gearbox with two levels of deceleration runs smoothly
Parts adopt CNC machine tool processing with higher mechining accuracy
Butter free and use self-priming lubrication oil
Double U type water seal with lubricating oil
Compact internal design,better suction
Personalized pressure-regulating system

Portable Power Sprayer


Working Pressure
4 Mpa
Speed r.p.m
Plunger Material
Stainless steel
Hard chrome-plated
Power(Hp) 168F(5.5Hp)
PTO Dia (mm) Ф20 Ф19 平健轴
N.W 31Kg
Carton Dimension (mm) 665x320x350

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